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Privacy Policy

The way in which an organisation can deal with credit information and handle and process personal information is highly regulated by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) ('Privacy Act') and the Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code ('CR Code'). This is to protect you.

Every time we deal with you, we (Alders Finance Pty Limited) will ask you to sign our privacy disclosure statement and consent form if you are acting in some capacity as an individual because we take our responsibility very seriously. This also protects us and ensures that we have your written consent to proceed and process information that is provided to us.

Alders Finance Pty Limited does not store or gather information about your computer hardware or software. We do not store information including domain name, IP address, browser type or web address. We do not analyse website usage or gather any statistical information. We do not sell information that we gather.

Alders Finance Pty Limited has relationships with St George Bank and Westpac Banking Corporation Limited. These are the only two organisations that Alders Finance Pty Limited deals with on a daily basis and the schedule of credit providers lists both Westpac and St George on page 3 of our privacy disclosure statement and consent form. Both organisations have website addresses that are disclosed on our statement should you wish to review their privacy policies.

Alders Finance adheres to the National Privacy Principles and conforms with the Privacy Act 1988 and amendments thereafter. Our Privacy Disclosure Statement clearly indicates what the information is used for and what we can do with it. By signing the privacy disclosure statement you consent to the terms and conditions and matters outlined in this document. We cannot assess any credit application without the written consent of the borrowers, guarantors or individuals concerned.

Alders Finance Pty Limited has been an active member of Veda Advantage for many years which is a credit reporting body. Their website is  Their privacy policy can be viewed at their website or by contacting them by telephone on 1300 762 207 should you wish to. This is the only credit reporting body that Alders Finance Pty Limited deals with.

Our privacy officer contact details and person are listed in our privacy disclosure statement and consent form for your reference and convenience. Your rights are also explained and any correspondence should be addressed to our privacy officer in the 1st instance. Should you be unhappy with our response there are other bodies that you can go to. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) can consider most complaints about your credit information involving providers of financial services. FOS can be contacted at GPO Box 3 Melbourne VIC 3001 or by phoning 1300 780 808 or their website